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We craft-roast specialty coffees imported directly from the origins or through traceable and fair supply chains. Our goal is to showcase the diversity of coffee origins and their distinct flavors, and share our passion for coffee with all coffee lovers.


Our Focus, Our Faces

meet Francesco and John, the two coffee professionals at the helm of the NCR specialty coffee ship

Nordhavn Coffee Roasters is a Copenhagen-based micro-roastery developed by a collective of coffee lovers and professionals. We are committed to providing all coffee consumers with high-quality, sustainable and fairly-traded coffee.

At NCR we focus on specialty coffee, and to us, traceability and social & environmental sustainability are key components of quality. We think that this perspective combined with a fair price to our customers is the right recipe to help promote the enjoyment of specialty coffee to all coffee lovers. When you choose NCR coffee, you choose a roasting team who is committed to forging a more sustainable food supply chain, one craft roast at a time.

The faces and the stories behind your cup of coffee:

Francesco Impallomeni

Francesco's portrait

Co-Founder / Roastmaster / Trainer

At the age of four, I remember my mom reprimanding me after I was caught throwing a moka pot out of the 4th-floor window. That day I was lucky enough that nobody was passing by down below. Though there were no fatalities, it was the first time I realized coffee was a serious thing.Many years later, I got the same feeling while assisting a coffee ceremony during a field trip in Ethiopia. The field trip was about searching for wild arabica in its natural habitat, in the highland tropical rainforest.
The importance of the coffee value chain from crop to the cup is mirrored in my daily commitment to transform the best raw materials into something the majority of people can recognize and fully appreciate. In my opinion, coffee is a microcosm, a tasty metaphor of the complexity, harshness and the beauty of the world. After 5 years spent as project coordinator for Slow Food International in Italy managing food-related projects, I made landfall in Copenhagen to learn more about the Nordic coffee culture and to work as roaster, trainer and barista.

John Saunderson

John's portrait

Coffee roaster and QC manager

My name is John Saunderson. I’m a simple Australian boy with a serious passion for coffee. I started roasting coffee for our family restaurant and cafe, located in the seaside holiday town of Victor Harbor in South Australia. We decided to roast our own coffee as we became more and more passionate about coffee as apart of our business. We wanted to be able to offer our customers a better quality coffee, but still at an affordable price. So I started roasting on a small 5kg Has Geranti roaster on average of once or twice a week. Boy, did I not realize at that time how little I knew about coffee! But I kept learning and growing my knowledge about this mysterious and often misunderstood seed. Now I’ve been roasting coffee for about 10 years, more recently here in Denmark with Francesco as a part of NCR. It’s been and continues to be great!

Miguel Botero

Miguel's portrait

Sales manager

As the grandson of Carlos Botero Suarez, a well-known coffee grower in the area of Manizales and Santa Rosa de Cabal, my passion for coffee is in my blood.

Over the last few years, I have been in charge of selling green coffee and helping the Colombian Cauca co-operatives to standardize their processes, applying my knowledge in the food industry.

I joined the NCR team to help meet the needs of our customers and continue to maintain direct communication with producers of different origins in our supply chain.

I love the coffee world, I see in it a great possibility of business for our coffee families, as long as we coffee roasters and distributors demand a fair payment to the coffee grower. That’s why I want to be part of NRC –for its fair trade values and direct relationship with the producers.


More than Craft Roasters

To provide the best quality possible, we offer a one-stop solution for our business customers. We provide machinery, on-call service technicians, barista and staff training and much more.

Who we serve

Most of our customers are SME (such as offices and retailers) and companies in the HoReCa market. We also cater to canteens or in-house-cafés, and we can set up self-serve coffee stations in smaller offices where workers can enjoy a cup of specialty coffee during the coffee break. For our business customers, providing high-quality coffee is only one part of our story.

To ensure that that each cup of coffee is perfect from roast to brew, we also offer:

Staff training

We craft-roast our beans with a lot of love and care, but normally have  to rely on third-party baristas to reach the end consumers. This is why every time we start a collaboration with a new business client, we make sure the baristas or staff has the training to pull the maximum quality out of the coffee beans. We offer a 2-hour barista and team-building class to learn or simply fine-tune the brewing skills of their staff.

We also know how valuable employee satisfaction is to our clients, so we also offer our business customers special deals for their employees so that they can enjoy our specialty coffee at home with a 20% webshop discount PLUS free roastery to desk delivery.

Machines and accessories 

Through our sister company Coffee Supply, we offer automatic coffee machines, Sanremo espresso machines,  and cold-brew machines as well as  everything else you might need for coffee including grinders, filters, cups, sugar and more.

On-call service technicians

We offer comprehensive service agreements  for our clients, so that in the event of technical problems with machinery, you receive direct assistance along with regular maintenance of all equipment.

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