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A few months ago we had the privilege of working with Green ERA to help us assess our current GHG emissions and come up with creative, cost-effective ways to become more environmentally sustainable.

It is very important to us to be transparent about our work around sustainability. So, we’d like to share the recommendations given to us by Green ERA, how we are endeavoring to address issues within our immediate control.





Waste from burlap coffee sacks was an issue raised by Green ERA. One of the ways we have begun addressing this is to partner with local urban-honey producers Bybi to use our bags for smoke-making for their bees.  Our bags are also used by Plastikpose-frit Amager, helping us not only to reduce our waste, but also improve our community.

We also use our old bags for upcycled seating in our coffee shop, and we also sell our bags at our Reffen shop.



One of the most sustainable ways to dispose of organic coffee waste is to give it a purpose. We work closely with a great initiative called Cafe Bueno to recycle the coffee grounds that are used in our shop and in our partner organizations. Coffee grounds can be used in a variety of ways. One of these ways is to use them as soil/compost for growing fungi. A local example of this being done here in Copenhagen is by Beyond Coffee who use discarded coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.



A main direction NRC want to go in, is towards more sustainable and less greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting packaging.

One of the simplest and most efficient ways that we have been able to reduce the waste of our packaging is to deliver our coffee in reusable containers. These containers are to be delivered and then once emptied picked up during the next delivery, this is a zero-waste option. Overall, this method eliminates the need for packaging that is just thrown out, creating waste, and lessens the demand for packaging to be made, thus reducing the amount of GHGs released into the atmosphere.

Our bags are biodegradable, except for the labels which have a glossy seal to protect the labels from bleeding–an issue which we are actively working to address.



No matter how hard NCR try to reduce their GHG emissions there will still be emissions from the roasting process, this is unavoidable. However, there are methods to compensate these emissions there is the concept of offset payments. This is the idea of contributing money to a project that supports environmentally friendly practices. An example of this planting trees, where for a certain amount of coffee sold NCR could pay for a tree to be planted.


Thanks for supporting us on our journey as we constantly innovate and endeavor to make our coffee sustainable at every point we can. We couldn’t do it without you!

The NCR Coffee Crew


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