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Rwanda Rushashi (Minazi Village Lot) Coffee

79 DKK255 DKK VAT incl.


Rwanda Rushashi (Minazi Village Lot) Coffee

79 DKK255 DKK VAT incl.

A complex and elegant coffee with a bright citrus acidity and a sirupy and rounded mouthfeel. Perfect for all filter brews but excellent also as single estate espresso.

Arabica Bourbon types: French Mission, Jackson, Mbirizi, Pop 3303/21
1,700 – 2,000 meters above sea level
Rushashi, Gakenke District – Northern Province, Rwanda

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Rushashi Coffee Washing Station (CWS) is the largest of two washing stations owned by the Abakundakawa coffee producer cooperative, one of This Side Up’s first partners. It is located in the lush and green Gakenke district, characterised by high spiky hills at high altitude – making it ideal for high quality coffee production. It is no coincidence that this region produces some of Rwanda’s most sought after coffees.
Since 2016, our supplier This Side Up is pioneering “village lots”. We have two lots collected from of their favourite collection point lots on the cupping table: Minazi and Burimba. Organically produced (not certified), emphasis on women empowerment.Organically produced (not yet certified), Fair Trade certified, emphasis on women empowerment, several Cup of Excellence awards.
source: http://thissideup.coffee/

We this coffee, Nordhavn Coffee Roasters starts a collaboration with the Dutch company This Side Up. This Side Up is much more than a green specialty coffee importer. It has a strong focus on product quality, social responsibility, environmental sustainability all across the value chain. Their commitment to deliver quality goes hand by hand with the mission of supporting the development of the local communities at the origin. Their website reports clearly what share of the value is paid to the primary producers. Their motto is: “equality, not charity” and this – together the quality of their green coffees – is what convinced us to start collaborating with them.

By choosing this coffee you are not only buying a supreme product from an organoleptic standpoint. You are also contributing to affirm the dignity of hundreds of African farmers who deservers to be treated with respect for their work and the unique produce they deliver. And not as passive beneficiaries of external aid.

This is, according to Nordhavn Coffee Roasters, what specialty coffee is all about.

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