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Nicaragua Flor Silvestre Coffee

69 DKK215 DKK VAT incl.

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Nicaragua Flor Silvestre Coffee

69 DKK215 DKK VAT incl.

Flavors of almonds and fine dark chocolate. Medium acidity and round body. Medium-to-dark roast.

LOCATION: Expocamo S.A.- Barrio Teodoro Lopez, Ocotal, Nueva Segovia

CULTIVARS: A mix of Caturra, Paca, Red Catuaí, Java and Catimor, depending on the farm.

ALTITUDE: 1,100 – 1,500 meters above sea level

PROCESSING: Only optimal ripe cherries are picked, de-pulped and then put into fermentation tanks for about 14-20 hours depending on how rainy or sunny it is. It then goes to the washing channel where it is soaked with clean water until it is 100% clean. Immediately after, the wet parchment goes to Beneficio La Guadalupana in Ocotal to dry on raised beds and 100% shaded. The drying process takes about 12-18 days depending on the weather.

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The most celebrated coffee region in Nicaragua is Nueva Segovia. For many years the majority of Cup of Excellence winners come from this region. The high altitudes of the farms in this region make for difficult conditions for the producers, but with rewarding coffees as result. Furthermore, Nueva Segovia is characterized by the large amount of small producers. Traditionally, these producers did not have access to the higher paying specialty coffee markets due to a lack of infrastructure and market knowledge. However, working with Expocamo has enabled these farmers to now also access this market. Although some farmers may have small farms and produce little amounts of coffee, being part of the Flor Silvestre blend bundles their power into a consistent blend representative of the high slopes of the Dipilto – Jalapa mountain range in Nueva Segovia.

Francisco’s lot

Francisco Javier Valle Garcia is the CEO at Expocamo and the exporter and quality educator of several nicaraguan specialty coffee farmers. Starting off on his coffee journey as a boy on his father’s farm, Francisco’s talent and drive found him cupping for the national Cup of Excellence competition already at age 18. He then moved to the States to become a roaster at Stumptown, worked on the side of export for a while and finally started Expocamo, a company aimed at developing and exporting only the coffees of farmers that he calls his friends. Roger was right, this was a match. We later learned that Francisco is a man who farmers love to work with – his loyalty and tireless work to expand farmers’ knowledge of coffee quality is famous in the region. Through our partnership, he is learning from European roasters and seeing how his coffees are perceived this side of the Atlantic.

More about this coffee

“We fell in love with Francisco’s coffees because of their beauty roasted as espresso. Together, we chose three quality categories for roasters to choose from that we love as single origin espresso: full bodied and sweet like fine dark chocolate, very versatile but still surprising for all audiences.

One of the distinguishing factors of Francisco’s partners’ coffee is their cleanness. All our offers are fully washed and dried on shaded raised beds (a rare sight in Nicaragua). This processing consistency ensures a very long shelf life and taste reliability year after year.”
source: http://thissideup.coffee/

Who are the growers selected by Francisco for the Flor Silvestre

1) Randolfo Llanes – Finca El Por Venir

2) Mario Jose Gonzales – Los Suyates

3) Mario José Ortez – El Bayacun

4) Roger Herrera – Buena Vista & Fila Quemada

5) William Villagra – El Diamante

Our collaboration with TSU

With this coffee, Nordhavn Coffee Roasters starts a collaboration with the Dutch company This Side Up. This Side Up is much more than a green specialty coffee importer. It has a strong focus on product quality, social responsibility, environmental sustainability all across the value chain. Their commitment to deliver quality goes hand by hand with the mission of supporting the development of the local communities at the origin. Their website reports clearly what share of the value is paid to the primary producers. Their motto is: “equality, not charity” and this – together the quality of their green coffees – is what convinced us to start collaborating with them.
By choosing this coffee you are not only buying a supreme product from an organoleptic standpoint. You are also contributing to affirm the dignity of hundreds of African farmers who deservers to be treated with respect for their work and the unique produce they deliver. And not as passive beneficiaries of external aid.

This is, according to Nordhavn Coffee Roasters, what specialty coffee is all about.

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