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Mesfin Dabessa, Limu Kossa, FW/Organic (ETHIOPIA)

99 DKK319 DKK VAT incl.

Mesfin Dabessa, Limu Kossa, FW/Organic (ETHIOPIA)

99 DKK319 DKK VAT incl.

Very citrusy and floral. Flavours of forest honey, tangerine and caramel. Bright acidity wrapped by honey-like sweetness and velvety-body. Great “single-origin” espresso. Highly recommended to Third-wave coffee lovers

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The Chalchissa farm (owned by the Dabessa Brothers) covers 150 hectares and is surrounded by a beautiful forest located in the Jimma appellation. It finds its roots in the small family farm run by the father of the two owners. Inspired by this peasant father, Mesfin and Yidnekachew Dabessa invested 10 years ago on the Chalchissa farm to replicate family activities on a larger scale. Today they produce a fully washed coffee, with subtle hints of lemon and honey. This coffee is hand-picked and carefully selected.  The coffee trees of Chalchissa enjoy a rich natural environment. The flora specific to this forest adds to the quality of this unique high-grown coffee.
Mesfin Dabessa
1800 – 2000 m
High forest
Ethiopian Landraces
Harvest period
November 2018 to January 2019
Harvest type
Fully Washed and dired for 8-10  days on African beds.
African beds



This farm is located in Oromo region, 80 km north of Jimma, in the heart of the region that carries the same name. It covers 150 hectares. The two brother owners chose this location just 2 km from the Wolensu family plantation. They invested heavily in this project in 2008 by putting these lands in value and obtaining an export license that allowed them to position themselves in the international market, especially in the United States. A year ago Mesfin and Yidnekachew Dabessa met Jacques from BELCO in our Addis Ababa branch. Jacques quickly identified the quality of this forest coffee.

The Chalchissa farm has a nursery of more than 80,000 plants. It is immersed in dense forest, consisting of a great diversity of species. Some, such as the slow-growing Qararo tree, are becoming rare in Ethiopia. In general, coffee growing, unlike other agricultural products, helps maintain the forest. Mesfin and Yidnekachew Dabessa have also chosen to conserve two wooded hectares as a protected area, untouched by any exploitation.

Thanks to the efforts on the field done by our supplier Belco, we are proud to offer you a coffee that supports this remarkable farming approach, based on the production of a forest coffee that also promotes the protection of an exceptional environment.



Mesfin Dabessa at Chalchissa Farm (Limu-Kossa, Ethiopia) Photo Credits: Belco.fr


Although assisted by his brother, Mesfin Dabessa is now in charge of Chalchissa. He graduated in the 1990s from Harrar University in agriculture. He then worked for several years in the Ethiopian administration, then in the private sector and for NGOs. With his background, knowledge acquired and convinced of the scarcity of coffee production in his native region, he wished to return and invest in this path. Having seen, all his life, his father painstakingly developing the small family farm, he wanted to invest on a larger scale and increase yields. He wanted to use his energy to pay homage to his father’s work and bring him the satisfaction of seeing a bigger coffee farm emerge. For the past 10 years, he has successfully taken up this challenge and now offers excellent international Jimma coffees from Chalchissa. This story, combined with the quality of the productions, gives full meaning to Belco’s attention to the work done on this farm.

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1000 g, 250 g

Grind Type

Whole bean, French press, Filter grind


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