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Coffee Workshop – Module #4 – Focus on Espresso

1,250 DKK VAT incl.

Coffee Workshop – Module #4 – Focus on Espresso

1,250 DKK VAT incl.

A journey across the coffee belt to discover the different flavors and origins of coffee. The workshop will be both theoretical and practical. A quick introduction to coffee (coffee cultivation, market, sustainability issues across the supply chain) will be followed by the direct involvement of the participants in the daily routine and work of a specialty coffee micro-roastery (hands on the coffee roaster, the brewing equipments and the cupping table).

Module #4  (1 hour approx)

Focused on espresso, this module draws from the barista intro of our Barista class to give the participants basic knowledge of espresso brewing and milk steaming.

The goal of NCR coffee classes is to learn how to brew better coffee at home and improve a person’s sensory skills to recognize and appreciate quality, in summary… how to become a more aware coffee consumer.

You can decide to “cherry pick” which modules you would like to do. Minimum 2 modules (2 hours in total). The courses will be provided by trained personnel with several years of experience in the specialty coffee industry.

Language: English.

NB: The price of the module is for a group of max 8 people.

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