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A new Roastery and Coffee Shop in Reffen/Copenhagen Street Food

Dear coffee lovers…first of all, we do apologize for being so quite during the past three months. We have been through few exciting developments in our business and we can now proudly announce that we are about to open our second roastery and first coffee shop in the new CPH Street Food in Refshaleøen (reffen.dk).


The space – called Reffen Coffee Roastery – has been conceived as a place from where disseminate the coffee culture and meet the end consumer. As wholesale roasters, we mainly deal with business customers and we soon realized how difficult is to get our brand known by the private customers and how challenging is to control the quality of our coffee when you miss the final step of the chain, the brewing. The demo roastery is equipped with a 6kg GENIO roaster and it will be used for both production and demonstration purposes. Besides the roaster, visitors will find a small shop where to buy the latest coffee brewing gears, a coffee lab where to run workshops and edutainment events and a mobile coffee shop and coffee carts to cater the whole area with freshly-roasted specialty coffee, pastry and other food pairings.

The coffee lab will run regular coffee tasting events with the aim of spreading the specialty coffee culture by sharing knowledge and taste, to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.

A strong focus will be set on sustainability across the whole coffee supply chain from bean to cup. A Reduce-Reuse-Recycle approach will be adopted in the coffee shop in order to raise awareness among consumers about the impact of our daily consumption choices and food habits. Best practices such as the use of reusable coffee cups, collection of organic waste and upcycling of coffee grounds will be incentivized.

The whole idea behind the new CPH Street Food is to give space not only to food stalls and foodtrucks but also to creative workshops, food processing laboratories and all those who want to showcase a craft.  The goal is to create a sort of little district of craftsmanship and creativity to attract visitors (both tourists and locals) also in winter time.


The Nordhavn Roastery will of course keep running but the idea is to move all business-to-consumers operations (including roasting microlots for the webshop) and all the educational activities out in the new place. We will run regular events/cupping/workshop or simply leaving the doors of the shop open so that everyone can see how coffee beans turn from green to brown. We hope to see you out in Reffen soon for a nice cup of coffee and a chat with one of our barista and roasters.

Stay roasted!

NCR Team

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