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New NCR Web Shop Released Yesterday


We are glad to announce that on the 12th of December we have released a completely renewed version of our web shop, NCRcoffee.com. Besides a more user-friendly interface for both desktop and mobile versions, the new website contains plenty of enhanced features like the possibility of choosing coffees by navigating the coffee map, or signing for one of our coffee subscriptions, purchasing a gift-cards or enrolling in one of our barista training or coffee workshops.

Moreover, we have renewed our offerings of freshly-roasted specialty coffee with new blends, single origins and special micro-lots (coffee cru) coming from selected farms or cooperatives. More aware customers will find detailed information about each coffee, such as the origin and the producer details. On top of what is already printed on our packaging. Our business customers will now have the opportunity to download A5 postcards. Which can be printed out and displayed to provide their customers with more infomation about the coffee they are drinking.

Home brewers will now be able to download our new brew guides to get more insight into how to improve coffee brewing while using different brewing methods. To go along with our new range of coffee brewing equipment, barista tools and fine range of specialty coffees. We want our customers to be able to enjoy every coffee we offer with the best possible brew methods and equipment.

Last but not least, we now have an integrated contact form. Which will make it easier for customers to contact our staff about any issues related to our offerings of products and services.

We hope to see you soon on board our specialty coffee ship docked in Nordhavn.

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