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Coffee Subscription – Travel the World of Coffee: Stage 4/Honduras


Dear coffee lovers

This month we bring you to Honduras. A tiny mountainous country which in the past decade has become the largest producer in Central America. Historically, the country and the coffee industry in particular, lacked of the same type of development which occurred in the neighboring countries. This has provided a challenge for quality and has meant that much of the coffee produced was mainly traded in the commodity market. The improvement in quality were brought by the establishment of the Istituto Hondureno del Café (IHCAFE) which defined six coffee growing regions endowed with distinct coffee profiles, facilities and infrastructures to support the farmers.

Today more than 110.000 families are involved in the production of coffee across the country.

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Classification of coffee

Honduras uses a similar system to El Salvador and Guatemala which categorizes coffees by the altitude:

Strictly High Grown (SHG) —> above 1200m

High Grown (HG)–> above 1000m

(Source: J.Hoffman, The World Atlas of Coffee )


Taste Profile

We liked most of the Honduran coffees we tasted because of their balance between acidity, sweetness and body which set Honduran coffee at the crossroad between “traditional coffee taste” and more complex flavors of the specialties. The acidity is there but never predominant and it is often combined with the liveliness of a complex fruity quality, tobacco notes and nuts. These features make most of Honduran coffees perfect to be enjoyed as single origin in all different extraction methods.

Coffees of the Month 

The three coffees of this month (the first two for those of you who signed up for the “light” plan) are all from the Western department of Copan, named after the city of Copan, famous for its Mayan ruins. This region, which borders Guatemala, with altitudes ranging from 1000m to 1500m produces some of the best coffees of all Central America.



1) Cesar Pinto, a single estate and single varietal (Yellow Catuai) fully washed arabica. Cesar Pinto is part of the Umami initiative, an Italian project which aims to bridge the gap between producers and consumers across the coffee value chain. Thanks to Umami we can now enjoy here in Europe single estate microlots like this juicy yellow catuai (a cultivar of arabica).

2) Omar Rodriguez and COCAFCAL COOPERATIVE (organic). In 1999 Omar Rodriguez founded the Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas, COCAFCAL. The region is ideal for coffee growing due to the good soil and climate conditions and the high altitude. COCAFCAL supports diversified revenue sources in Capucas through a honey production program and a women’s group called Flor del Campo that roasts and sells high quality coffee for national consumption.

To learn more about this producer  by visit the cooperative website http://www.mycapucascoffee.coop/index.php

3) COSAGUAL Cooperative (organic). We fell in love with this coffee since the first cupping in summer 2017 . Since the beginning, we decided to use it as main ingredient (40%) in the espresso blend N°3 . Get more info about this coffee here



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