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Roasted coffee beans are a semi-finished product. This means that what we provide to our customers needs to go through further processing before ending in a cup ready to be enjoyed.

The coffee supply chain is complex and challenging since it involves many different people who seldom communicate to each other. This creates quite a bit of room for mishandling and misunderstanding the coffee beans, with the risk of ruining the job done during the previous steps of the chain.

Every time we start a collaboration with a new business customer, we make sure the baristas are trained enough to fully understand the value of coffee paying respect to farmers, roasters, and finally the consumer.

Read About the Format

The Format

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The format we follow is a 2 hour intro barista class offered for free to all our business customer, built around the following:

1) Introduction to coffee: basic coffee information from seed to cup to understand the diversity among different species/varieties/origins and learning more about the functioning of the coffee value chain.

2) Barista introduction: basics of espresso and other coffee brew techniques, basics of milk steaming and espresso machine use, function and maintenance.

The courses will be provided by trained personnel with proved experience (practical and theoretical) in the specialty coffee industry.

Price and Booking

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We offer a 2 hours barista training for a total of 1000DKK (ex. VAT). Max participants: 3.
If more than 3 people: every extra participant pays 250DKK (ex. VAT). Max 10 participants.

The class is normally structured in this way:
– introduction to coffee
– coffee extraction (theory and practice)
– milk steaming, theory and practice
– Q&A

The class is hold in English

If you are interested in learning more, give us a call: +45 53542566 or book filling the form below

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