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Our brew guides provide simple guidelines to improve the way we brew coffee at home. There are many coffee brewers available on the market and sometimes even experienced coffee drinkers might feel disoriented or struggle to keep pace with the latest hip coffee hook.

The user should consider our guides not as set-in-stone rules which leave no room for adjustment according to personal taste. These should rather be considered as simple suggestions, a starting point to use as reference to try to get the maximum out of a specific coffee.

Brew Guide #1: Good Barista Rules


Pulling an espresso shot is not an easy job. Steaming milk is even harder.

A good barista knows how to control all parameters in order to brew a good cup of coffee with or without milk. Check these few rules out if you want to be consistent and improve your barista skills.

Brew Guide #2: Aeropress


We must admit this is one of our favorite brew methods. The Aeropress mixes the advantages of filter brew and immersion (when used in the inverted method) to give a drink that resembles to a moka stove top coffee but with more complexity. That is, a rather concentrated and heavy-bodied cup but with brighter and more elegant flavor notes. Last but not least, it is the most portable among all the brewing methods-try it with paper or metal filters.

Brew Guide #3: French Press

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Named after the nationality of the two Frenchmen who first patented it in 1825 (Mayer & Delforge) in 1852, the french press is probably the most spread and underrated among the methods of brewing coffee.
Let’s try to follow some tips to get the maximum out of your neglected french press. It has many pros and very few cons, first and foremost, it is the cheapest and most convenient way to brew your coffee at home.
Another advantage is that you can get a beverage which has a richer body and texture without sacrificing too much the flavors’ complexity .

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