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A More Climate-Friendly Coffee Roastery (ERA@NCR part II)

Hello, Green ERA here again!

Since our last post, we have been working hard looking for solutions to help Nordhavn Coffee Roastery become more environmentally and climate-friendly.

In our last post, we briefly went over the coffee supply chain – the process of how our coffee gets from farms to our tables. Now we are going to go more in-depth with the role Nordhavn Coffee Roasters plays within this chain.


Here you can see the journey your coffee takes, but as NCR is a coffee roasting business we are going to focus on the roasting stage.


NCR source green (raw or not-roasted) coffee beans from a number of farms around the world. They have this coffee imported to them by trusted sustainable European suppliers. The beans are stored at NCR warehouse and roasted once an order comes in.


The coffee beans are placed into the coffee roaster and then are heated and rotated for around 10-15 minutes inside the coffee roaster’s drum (imagine a washing machine built in to a gas oven).  Once the roasting has finished, the beans are cooled down to room temperature very quickly.  Once cooled they are put through a sorting machine (destoner), as on the rare occasion there are leftover pieces of debris (such as other plant material or pieces of rubble) that have traveled with the beans, and so they are filtered out.



Once the roasted coffee beans have cooled they are then packaged. 95% of NCR’s customers are coffee selling businesses, as such, they do not require any fancy packaging. This, alongside NCR’s mission to be climate-friendly, means they are transported in reusable tubs which are delivered and then picked back up by NCR during the next delivery.This lessens the need for packaging, thus reducing the amount of waste NCR produce. Nonetheless, smaller customers still get the coffee delivered in disposable bags.




The other 5% of NCR’s business is for individual/private use, an area NCR is growing in. This is where packaging comes into play as NCR are unable to pick up each packet from their customers to be reused. This is one of the main areas Green ERA is finding a solution for, to help NCR find a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to reduce the impact this packaging will have. We are looking into recyclable or reusable packaging for this coffee.


Nordhavn Coffee Roastery also produces other types of waste. Waste leads to greenhouse gas emissions, especially when it becomes part of a landfill site. Therefore, being able to reuse/recycle waste is a huge benefit to Earth’s climate and environment.

NCR gets there green coffee beans delivered to them in big burlap sacks. These sacks don’t serve a purpose beyond this and thus are left unused or thrown away. There is also waste from the coffee machines used to taste the coffee and fuel the staff, usually in the form of coffee grounds which are then disposed of.

However! These products do not need to be thrown away! They can provide further use, through recycling or upcycling (using the product in another way). This is an idea Green ERA is also working on, we have many thoughts for using burlap sacks and coffee grounds. By reusing these products NCR will lower their overall greenhouse gas emissions!


We are continuing our research into providing solutions for Nordhavn Coffee Roasters to further their goal of limiting their emissions and environmental impacts. In our next (and last!) post we will inform you of what we have found and the solutions we have.

Until next time!

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