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Coffee and GHG Emissions. NCR meets Green ERA

Hej coffee lovers, this month we are happy to post something coming from a group of talented and super motivated students we have the honor to collaborate with. Welcome to…Green ERA!

Hej! We’re Green ERA, a consultancy group of masters’ students with the University of Copenhagen. We’re working with Nordhavn Coffee Roasters over the coming weeks to help them provide you with more green, sustainable, and climate-friendly coffee.


We are a group of six masters students at Copenhagen University from a variety of academic backgrounds and nationalities. We have put together a consultancy group called Green ERA, where it is our aim to consult businesses on their greenhouse gas emissions and find solutions for reducing them. Alongside this, we also look at opportunities for increasing sustainability and the concept of being ‘green’. We believe this is an incredibly import step towards combating climate change and find it a worthwhile challenge to help companies who are as enthusiastic as we are to achieve this, just as Nordhavn Coffee Roastery is.


Now we are sure that you are aware of the basics of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, so we won’t bore you with those details. However, when it comes to GHG emissions that are the result of you getting your favourite cup of coffee, you might not be as informed.

Denmark is fourth in the world for coffee consumption per person. Before coffee arrives on your morning table it has probably travelled quite a distance and emitted GHGs at various stages on its way (see the infographic). To reduce the impact of the coffee supply chain we are focusing our efforts on reducing as many emissions as possible here in Denmark. Nordhavn Coffee Roasters have always been working towards increasing sustainability and cutting down GHG emissions. However, there is always room for improvement. This is where we, Green ERA, come in to help.


We aim to investigate the areas of the coffee supply chain where Nordhavn Coffee Roasters operates, i.e. the roasting, packaging, and transportation within Denmark/Copenhagen. With this information, we will look for solutions that Nordhavn Coffee Roasters can use to cut down their GHG emissions, which will mean that you will be drinking a more climate-friendly cup of coffee at the end of this process.

We will be keeping you up to date with more information and our progress over the coming weeks as we work with Nordhavn Coffee Roasters to help them continue their path to provide you with more sustainable, greener, and climate-friendly coffee.

See you soon!

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